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Expert Sunshine Coast Concreters

You can count on our concreting expertise for everything from the laying of the foundation to small concreting jobs like adding decorative touches to your patio and walkways.

 As experienced concreters Sunshine Coast residents regularly turn to for all their concrete needs, you can rely on us to finish your job to the highest standards.

Complete Concreters Sunshine Coast offers tailor-made concreting solutions for property owners in this seaside Queensland locale. If you’re the owner of a property in this scenic town, you may want to make it better blend with its surroundings with a beautiful new concrete porch. Or perhaps you want to redecorate your swimming pool decking to allow you and your guests to better enjoy the views.

However you envision your new and improved property, you can leave all the concreting involved to us. Are you in the process of designing your dream home?

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Give us a buzz today and let us help you revamp your residence with expertly executed concreting solutions. We will be happy to visit your site and draft a quote to get you started. You will be surprised at just how pocket-friendly we are. Check us out!

Concrete Driveways Sunshine Coast

Is your current driveway cracked, riddled with potholes or stains you can’t seem to get rid of? We can help you restore it back to its former glory or completely reimagine your concreting to better complement the surrounding landscaping. You can choose from a wide variety of stencil patterns that replicate natural elements and we can add a dash of colour to make your driveway even more unique.

An elegant driveway that effortlessly blends into the theme of your home will give visitors the right impression of you as a host. It will also bring a sense of organization to your yard while offering easy access to the house. You can also use your driveway as a platform from which you can further decorate your home’s exterior. You can plant exotic trees along it or install low-level lighting.

The driveway itself and all these features will add to the curb appeal 

Why a Concrete Driveway?

Which Concrete Driveway Will Work Best For You?

The concrete driveways Sunshine Coast residents love can be finished in many ways. So how do you choose which concrete driveway finish will work best for you?

Cost: Different kinds of concrete finish will come at different concreting prices. However, when looking at costs, it is advisable to look at the longer term. You may opt for a plain concrete finish now because it is the cheapest option. However, you may later decide to redo it to improve on your driveway’s aesthetics. This will end up costing more. You can rely on us to produce your desired finish affordably. Contact us today for a free quote.

Theme: If you’re the owner of a Victorian property, pave cut, stamped or stencil driveways with a cobblestone design will complement the 19th century theme superbly. Conversely, if your home has more of a contemporary design, an exposed aggregate or plain concrete driveway would offer better aesthetics.

Colour: When choosing the colour of your concrete driveway you should think about how it will blend in with the rest of the home. This doesn’t mean it must have the exact same colour as your house. You could achieve an interesting effect if you use a colour that offers a subtle contrast to your home’s colours.

The impression certain hues create on the mind should also be taken into consideration. Light colours will make your driveway appear wider while dark colours will make it look smaller. Most any of the concrete contractors Sunshine Coast homeowners have worked with in the past will confirm this.

Exposed Aggregate Sunshine Coast

We are one of the leading Sunshine Coast concreters specialising in the installation of exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. This kind of concrete finish can work wonders for your residence, giving it a tasteful blend of contemporary elegance and nature’s rugged beauty. The aesthetic appeal, hardiness and low maintenance of exposed aggregate make it ideal for any kind of outdoor decorative concreting. 

This type of concrete finish involves fusing an aggregate, usually made up of pebbles, smooth river stones or coarse sand, into the concrete before or after it is poured onto a surface. Concrete sealing exposed aggregate is an element of the process. 

Exposed aggregate finishes are flexible and can be customised by using different materials- coral stone, shells and glass can be used to achieve the effect you desire. We can also create your exposed concrete finish in virtually any colour. Not every concreter Sunshine Coast homeowners contact will offer them these options.

Sunshine Coast Concreter - Exposed Aggregate Experts

Exposed aggregate can be laid in a number of ways depending on the purpose of the surface. Below are the methods we use: 

How We Finish An Exposed Aggregate Surface

Depending on the outcome you desire, we can finish your textured aggregate surface in a variety of ways. A basic water/acid wash finish is pocket-friendly and ideal for your driveway or swimming pool surround. The water-acid solution eats through the hardened cement to expose the aggregate.  

If your exposed aggregate is on a vertical surface, we will apply a sandblasted finish. Also referred to as abrasive blasting, this type of finish involves blasting sand against the hardened concrete to produce a slightly smooth surface. If you wish to have exposed aggregate on an indoor floor, a grinding finish will be the most suitable. It produces a refined, slip-resistant finish that can either be matte or reflective. Great for both residential and commercial applications. 

Regardless of your choice of finish, and whether you need concrete resurfacing, we are the Sunshine Coast Concreters business you can trust to get the job done to the required standard. 

Why Choose Our Sunshine Coast Concrete Exposed Aggregate?


Many homeowners in Sunshine Coast have fallen for the rustic charm of exposed aggregate finishes. They combine the beauty of nature with the sophistication of contemporary concrete finishing to produce driveways that blend in effortlessly with your landscaping.


Thanks to the many exposed aggregate colours and the many materials that can be used, you have almost infinite possibilities on the final outcome. We can use a variety of materials besides granite and ballast to make your concrete finish as unique as you want. 


An exposed aggregate surface laid by our experienced concreters is sure to last for many years to come. It’s the type of decorative concrete Sunshine Coast residents can trust to withstand the elements and heavy traffic without any signs of wear. You won’t need to worry about repairs for a long time.


Exposed aggregate is one of the most slip resistant concrete finishes we install for our Sunshine Coast customers. Most of them prefer this finish for their swimming pool surrounds for this reason. 


 As compared to other decorative finishes such as pavers, natural stone and brick, exposed aggregate costs less to install and to maintain. It doesn’t require any specialised equipment or substances to clean.

We at Complete Concreters Sunshine Coast provide exposed aggregate Sunshine Coast homeowners will be proud to show off to guests. The quality of our workmanship and attention to detail will ensure you of a dazzling finish that will serve you for several years.   

Concrete Slabs Sunshine Coast

A well-laid house slab will keep a house firm and free from damage for many decades. We have laid concrete foundations for new constructions in Buddina, Meridian Plains, Woombye, Marcoola and other Sunshine Coast suburbs. Our vast experience in laying foundations in this region means you’re sure of a slab well suited to the underlying geology. Should the topology require the installation of footings, we have the expertise to install concrete footings. We know how to lay the kind of concrete slabs Sunshine Coast homeowners require. 

Concrete Finishes We Offer

Stamped/Stencil: As opposed to pave cut finishes where we cut patterns into cured concrete by hand cut, we emboss patterns into the concrete before it dries. This method of finishing presents the homeowner with a wide range of possible looks as we offer many patterns to choose from. Many of the patterns of this decorative concrete Sunshine Coast homeowners love mimic natural stone, cobblestone or brick. 

Homeowners residing in Castaways Beach, Diddillibah, Coolum Beach and other Sunshine Coast suburbs prefer stamped finishes as they not only look good, but are more affordable to install than the natural elements themselves. They are also durable and easy to maintain.   

Polished: A polished concrete finish offers a number of possibilities to property owners. You can use it on outdoor surfaces like patios and verandahs as well as on your home’s interior floors. 

Besides the natural visual appeal of a reflective surface, polished concrete surfaces are low maintenance. You will find it much easier to keep clean than a textured surface. This is why many property owners prefer us to install polished concrete floors in their garages and other areas of the house that are prone to stains. 

This attribute also makes polished concrete ideal for use in industrial settings where there is high traffic and chemicals, oil or other substances often find their way to the floor. 

Pave Cut: Most concrete contractors in Sunshine Coast will tell you that saw cut finishes are quite popular with property owners here because it replicates the beauty of brick pavers but does away with the maintenance challenges they present. We create a pave cut finish by using a diamond saw to cut square or diamond patterns into the concrete after it has cured.

You won’t be limited to a basic grey concrete surface with decorative patterns. We can polish the pave cut concrete surface or create it with coloured concrete to make the end product stand out. As with any of our concrete finishes, we ensure pave cut concrete surfaces are well sealed to make them last long. 

 Plain: If you would like to incorporate the functionality and durability of concrete into your porch or driveway without the high cost of the more elaborate finishes, we can install a plain finish. A plain concrete finish is equally ideal for house slabs as they provide the rigidity and weight resistance that ensure they serve their purpose for many years. A concrete slab for a garden shed will usually have a plain concrete finish.  

Our expertise as concrete contractors Sunshine Coast homeowners trust will make even a no-frills plain concrete finish appealing to the eye. We can spruce it up with a slightly textured or stippled effect to add a dash of contemporary elegance.  

 Coloured: Coloured concrete can breathe life into a part of your house that was previously of little interest to inhabitants and guests. We achieve colouring of your concrete finish using a variety of methods. 

Oxide concrete pigment powder of the desired colour can be mixed into concrete if you would like the colour to be fully integrated into the surface. If you would like only certain areas to be coloured, we can apply chemical acid stains.

If we’re installing an exposed aggregate finish, we can seed elements like coloured glass. Gone are the days you had to settle for a drab grey concrete finish.